How Mom and Dad Can Survive the Coronavirus Hiatus from School – Family Activities that Will Keep Everyone Entertained ?

families playing

The government’s swift decision to crack down on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) by canceling schools in the Santa Barbara community had many school-age kids whooping it up and parents running for shelter.

What’s a parent who isn’t expecting an early/extended spring break to do, especially with the recent downpour of rain showers?

Santa Barbara Paint Depot is Your Source for Inspiration!?

Our family is our community. When you hurt, we hurt; when you celebrate, we celebrate; when you sense craziness and mutiny from bored, energetic children, we are here to help.

Consider some of these ideas to round up the kids and enjoy your time together.

We are a Paint Store,? So Let’s Pick a Color and Redo a Room!

It’s a good time for a room makeover! Start by spring cleaning, collecting old toys and clothes and separating them into piles-donate, toss, keep. Then consider a fresh look and feel with a coat of Benjamin Moore paint.

When you download our free app, The Benjamin Moore Color PortfolioTM App & ColorReader, you can choose the color of your room right from the comfort of your home!The free app makes it easy to scroll through colors and “try on” the colors virtually!

For more information about the The Benjamin Moore Color PortfolioTM App & ColorReader, read our blog, Who Says Coloring is Only for Kids?

Don’t forget the tape, brushes, and supplies you need to get the project done! We are your one stop source for all things paint!

Play Games ?♟

Get the kids off the video systems and school them about REAL games. The kind we played as kids! Red Light Green Light, Mother May I, Ring Around the Rosie. Get the muscles pumping and the laughter flowing.

During rainy days, bring them inside with some hot cocoa and some popcorn. Bust out Uno, Monopoly, Go Fish, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, or Twister. Show them how real men and women played games before the video gaming invasion.

Cook Together and Share a Favorite Family Recipe ?

For the older kids, now is a great time to have them show off their cooking skills. Teach them how to bake using a family recipe. Encourage the sharing of memories and family traditions. Then have them try out a recipe, and you get dinner made for you!

Or have a cooking competition. Have each member of the family create something and judge the best taste, prettiest plating, most creative use of ingredients, best use of food at home, etc.

Create a Video Journal ?

The world of technology is amazing! We have access to many creative and useful tools to record this epidemic. Have the kids make a video of what is going on in the world, their thoughts, views, fears. Encourage them to make a slideshow of articles and pictures and set it to music. Use this as a great opportunity to remind them of the changes the entire world is going through and put it in a safe place to share in years to come.

Create Your Own Sports League ? ⚾️

Whether you are a die-hard baseball, basketball, hockey fan or all of them, you can use this opportunity to create your own sports leagues! Use old shirts and clothes to make team jerseys, hold practice, meetings, and set up games. Culminate in a World Series, NCAA, or Stanley Cup of your own. This can be an entire family event held in your yard or park.

We are all in this Together ??

Santa Barbara Paint Depot hopes that life will return to normal as quickly as possible, with as little impact to our customers as possible; we want you to know we will be operating our business normally as long as we are able.  

If you or your family chooses to participate in one of our suggested activities, please send us a picture to with a description! We would like to feature you in a blog and social media post.