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In a new video series, “Ask Santa Barbara Paint Depot,” DIYers, Contractors, and Designers ask the experts at Santa Barbara Paint Depot questions about their projects and what type of Benjamin Moore products they recommend.

When you have a questions about what type of products you need to create, implement, and finish your project, there is on one more experienced than the experts at Santa Barbara Paint Depot.

As the only certified supplier of Benjamin Moore paints and stains, the helpful and friendly staff at Santa Barbara Paint Depot can direct you to find the perfect Benjamin Moore product for your project.

DIY Fence Painting Project

Our first “Ask Santa Barbara Paint Depot” question comes from a DIYer who wants to paint her exterior garden fence.

Her question can be found on our YouTube Channel. She wants to know what all-in-one Benjamin Moore product can be used to prime and paint her exterior fence.

Santa Barbara Paint Depot Responds to DIY Project

Who best to answer our DIY question than Art Prado, owner and operator of Santa Barbara Paint Depot.

You can see Art’s answer also on our YouTube channel. He recommends Benjamin Moore Arborcoat 640 for an exterior fence. The flat, paint and primer in one is the perfect product for the DIY fence-painting project for the following reasons:

  • Enhances and protects while still allowing the texture of the wood to show through
  • Suitable for use on all types of wood and composite decking and siding
  • Superior UV protection
  • Resists blistering, peeling, stains, and scuffs
  • Provides a mildew-resistant coating
  • Excellent touch up and re-coat properties

Ask Santa Barbara Paint Depot

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