Ask Us How a $6.50 Sample Pint of Benjamin Moore Paint Can Save Money and Disappointment

Color Sample (2)

The other week, one of our customers shared her disappointment that she did not like the color of the 20 pieces of patio furniture she paid a contractor to paint. She was responsible for choosing the color of paint from a paint chip she received from our storeroom. However, when the final product was complete, she was disappointed in the color.

She came to our storeroom upset that the color of paint on the completed furniture did not match the paint chip, when in fact, it had. What she didn’t take account, and what we educated her on, was that choosing a color based off a paint chip is not sufficient.

We asked her the following questions:

1. Did you buy a sample pint of paint?

2. Did you purchase the pint of paint in the sheen you want the product to be?

3. Did you ask the contractor to get you a final sample for approval?

She answered “no” to the questions we asked above.

Steps to Consider When Paying a Contractor to Paint for You

When you hire a contractor to paint a project for you, you need to take the necessary steps to make sure you are happy with the finished product.

1. Buy several sample pints of Benjamin Moore paint. When you start applying the paint and wait for the paint to dry, you get a more accurate and larger sampling of how the paint will look. Expose the painted product to different areas to see how it will look in the sunlight or in the dark. Examine the project at different times of the day.

2. Make sure you have chosen the correct sheen of Benjamin Moore paint. A flat sheen on something that is supposed to be shiny won’t be satisfying, so invest in the correct sheen to get a true visual of the finished product.

3. Confer with your contractor that you will be supplied with a final sample of the painted project to receive approval. Should any changes need to be made to the color or sheen, this step can be done now and will save time and expense.

Consult with one of our Paint Professionals for Help with Your Benjamin Moore Paint Project

In the case of the Patio Furniture Paint Gone Wrong, Art Prado spent time with our customer and her husband, discussing paint colors. He sent her home with a new quart of paint at no charge to confirm she would be happy with the new paint color before she and her husband took on the task of repainting the patio furniture.

If you are considering a project, let us save you valuable time, energy, and money. Buy several pints of Benjamin Moore paint prior to making a paint decision; this simple act can save you thousands of dollars in the end as it’s an economical way to see colors in a larger presentation.

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