Aura Interior Paint by Benjamin Moore

Aura Interior Paint

When DIYers, Contractors, and Designers look for interior paint, they are looking for a bright color that is durable, rich in color, and and easy to apply. Our solution for the perfect coat of paint is Aura Interior Paint by Benjamin Moore.

Aura Interior Paint Combines Paint and Primer in One Product

One of Aura Interior’s best selling points is its Paint and Primer in One combination. No more applying a coat or two of primer and then painting. Aura Interior allows you to paint and prime in one easy step even on new drywall or walls that have been repaired. This process eliminates time, hassle, and extra money.

Aura Interior Paint is Scuff Resistant

Aura Interior Paint is scuff resistant which makes it the perfect paint for hallways, rooms that are used frequently such as kids’ rooms, recreational rooms, family rooms, and more!

No more touching up paint from vacuums, shoes, normal wear and tear, a dog’s wet fur. Since Aura Interior Paint is available in over 3,500 colors, it’s the perfect choice for a scuff-free experience.

Aura Interior Paint Does Not Rub Off and Washes Free of Stains

Benjamin Moore redefined paint with its creation of Aura Interior Paint that does not rub off. Even in deep colors of red, a white cotton cloth rubbed against Aura Interior Paint will remain white. Paint this refined and luxurious deserves a place in your home. Plus, it’s easy to wipe off stains. There is no more need to scrub walls.

Aura Interior Paint Offers Excellent Hide and Hold

Even on new drywall, Aura Interior Paint offers excellent hide and hold. Color sheens hide and hold in one or two coats in most cases. Click here for a PDF with more information and images.

Aura Interior Paint Provides Rich Colors and Durability

When you want a luxurious paint that is rich in color and durable, look no further than Aura Interior Paint. Our exclusive Color Lock Technology combined with our new acrylic resin and Gennex Color Technology is unsurpassed, leaving your walls deeply saturated with long lasting vibrance.

Aura Interior Paint is Seamless to Apply

Use with brush or roller, Aura Interior Paint is seamless to apply and offers fast dry and recoat times with seamless touch ups on all sheens. Truly a stroke of genius, Aura Interior Paint is your go to paint.

Ask Your Color Specialist about Aura Interior Paint.