Paint Color Trends from the Benjamin Moore Paint Department


Benjamin Moore’s Paint Color Trends – the secret to perfect color coordination

You have an inspiration. You want to redesign a room but the idea of choosing a new paint color gives you angst-what if it’s not the right look?
It’s too bold, too bright, too light, too … oh so wrong?
What do you coordinate the color with? Your furniture? Carpet? Drapes? Linens? What if the color is outdated? What if it’s so 2008?
What if you’ve never been trendy? What if you just lack the design skills to make a room pop instead of flop?

Leave Your Worries Behind! Benjamin Moore Offers an Interactive Design Center to Help

Every year, Benjamin Moore chooses hues that coordinate with the color of the year. This year’s, Color of the Year, Metropolitan AF-690, corresponds with 15 colors ranging from soft pinks, to neutrals to rich blues and greens. Because you want to be trendy, you will choose one of these hues from the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2019 palette.
Next, follow the steps to create the dream room you deserve! Pick complementary colors, a sample of the room you want to paint, and be wowed by the instant image of a possibility that is only limited by your imagination!

Let our Friendly Professionals Assist You with Your Benjamin Moore Paint Selection

If you still need assistance, we are here to help you pick the colors, sheen, accessories and amount of paint you need to complete your project.
With our trusted experts and the quality of our Benjamin Moore Paints and supplies, being trendy is never going to be a problem.

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