DIYer Tackles Bathroom Remodel with Advice from Benjamin Moore®’s YouTube Channel

dresser turned vanity diy

After 15 years of a beach-themed bathroom, this DIYer turned to inspiration from Benjamin Moore® to produce a bathroom that was fresh, unique, and fun!

A single mom who kept her bathroom fairly neutral, this DIYer wanted to bring her bathroom up a notch by creating a unique talking point for her home.

As this bathroom is the main bathroom on the first level, the idea is to create a bathroom that has function as well as form, but also draws on the DIYer’s passion for nuance, creativity, and just a bit of out-of-the-box thinking.

DIY Draws Inspiration from Benjamin Moore YouTube Channel

For tips, ideas, and inspiration on a new bathroom, this DIY turned to Benjamin Moore’s YouTube Channel and this video: Tips for Decorating a Powder Room with Jay Jeffers Inside Design Benjamin Moore.

Jay Jeffers’ tips on making the vanity “stand out” by giving it a “little kick in its step” gave this DIYer the validation she needed to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity.

A Vintage Paris Market Provides the Perfect Vanity

After looking at hundreds of vanities in person and online, this DIYer changed her mind several times on the theme of the room before gathering inspiration and courage from Jay Jeffers to go bold or go home!

So those may not have been his very words, but to the DIYer, going bold on a bathroom makeover that made her happy was all that mattered.

A local Paris Flea market provided the winning idea for this DIYer’s vanity for her bathroom makeover.

Described as “shabby chic,” this dresser painted out with flower decoupage and silver knobs instantly caught the DIYer’s attention.

With a new sink, either inserted or set on top, some equally appealing shabby chic faucets, and some creative discipline and technical talent, this dresser-turned-vanity is this DIYer’s perfect first step in recreating her dream bathroom!

Transforming the Dresser into a Usable Bathroom Vanity

As we go to print (or digital marketing these days), the dresser is still in the process of being repurposed into a usable and functioning bathroom vanity.

While the young males in this DIYer’s household are less than excited to entertain anything shabby or chic, they look forward to the manly remodel of their bathroom…no “chics” allowed.