DIYers meet Contractors for Amazing Home Transformation Using Benjamin Moore® Paints!

fireplace after (1)

If you have been following our blog, you might have read that three siblings bought a vacation house together and are transforming it to their acquired tastes using Benjamin Moore Paints.

We wanted to update you on the progress of the trio and to see how a simple addition such as paint can transform a room or in this case, an entire home!

DIYers Turn to Contractors for Help!

While siblings, Ray, Carrie, and Raylene agree on many ideas and conceptions, painting an entire interior and exterior of their vacation home was more than they wanted to take on.

Once they settled on the basic colors of their home, they did hire a professional contractor to make their colors come alive!

If “Welcome Home” Had a Color, it Would be Spice Market by Benjamin Moore

Spice Market CSP 925by Benjamin Moore is “an exotic yellow found in faraway spices brings to mind the sights, sounds and smells of overflowing marketplace baskets.” The Aura® interior paint in acrylic high gloss was the chosen paint to accent the front door of the vacation home.

“This color isn’t exactly within the color pallet,” says Carrie, “but the glass in the door was this color so we decided to make the door monochromatic. Any other color made the door look outdated. We will add a piece of art to tie in the color of the door to the main color.”

A Bathroom Design as Exotic as the Tropics it’s Fashioned After

The look and inspiration for this bathroom design came from the original green tiles. “We liked the green tile that was in the house originally, but we needed something dynamic to go with it.” The dramatic and intoxifying wall paper was the source of inspiration for painting the ceiling and interior bathroom door Mopboard Black CW 680. Cabinets painted in Aura® Interior PaintHerb Garden 434 completed the bathroom, and we think it is simply amazing!

A Stunning Bold Fireplace Transformed with Mopboard Black in Pearl Sheen

When faced with a wall of stone, this trendy trio of siblings took the advice of Art Prado and bought pint-sized gallons of paint to overhaul the look of an old and tired fireplace.

Of the many colors the siblings painted, the winning paint and color was Aura’s Mopboard Black in Pearl Sheen. The dramatic difference makes for a bold and stunning fire piece that makes this blogger feel warm and sleepy.

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