FAQ from a DIYer: What are Some Tips You Offer to a DIYer Choosing a New Color for their Bedroom

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Recently, we’ve had quite a bit of DIYers wanting to paint rooms. When it comes to redoing a room and choosing the perfect color, DIYers have questions, and Santa Barbara Paint Depot has answers.

Santa Barbara Paint Depot has been in business for 30 years, and we have a lot of experience answering DIY questions.

Here are some common questions and answers regarding a DIYer choosing a new color for their bedroom:

1. What would you advise a DIYer about picking the right color of paint for their bedroom?

First, I would ask about the colors of furniture, flooring, drapes, and accessories that might influence the overall feel of the room.

2. Why is this important?

These details are important because the color that is chosen will also need to complement these influencers.

3. What type of paint should a DIYer use to paint a bedroom?

This would depend on the needs of the DIYer. If the bedroom is a high traffic zone that tends to get marred, then Benjamin Moore’s Scuffx® would be the best choice. If the DIYer is looking for depth of color and sophistication, then Benjamin Moore’s Aura® is the right choice.

3. What sheen should be used for walls, ceiling, trim, and baseboards.

In general, satin and semi-gloss are your best choice for baseboards, doors, and trim due to their ability to easily wipe clean. For the bedroom walls, Santa Barbara Paint Depot recommends flat, matte and eggshell; we recommend flat for the ceilings.

4. How do I know how much paint to buy?

On average, a gallon of paint will yield 320 sq/ft. The texture of the surface will be a significant factor of actual yield. Some textures absorb more paint than others.

Another factor of yield is if a second coat will be required. The rule of thumb is if your new color is more than 25% the value light or dark of the existing color expect to do 2 coats.

5. How can you tell if you need a second coat?

Assuming you used the appropriate nap roller or spray tip, get close to your wall 10-12″ away and see if you can see any spots of your old color. If you can, you need a second coat.

6. Can you supply me with all the supplies I need to start my DIY bedroom paint project?

Yes! Santa Barbara Paint Depot offers all the supplies, support, and advice necessary for you to complete your DIY bedroom paint project.  From rollers to sprayers, tape, plastic, brushes, Benjamin Moore paint, and more, we are your one stop shop!

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