How to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Residential, Architectural, or Commercial Project


Choosing just the right color for any part of your home or business may not be such a simple task if you take into account what emotion the color that you choose evokes.

A smashing red door painted with Benjamin Moore Vermillion 2002-10  and trimmed with Simply White OC-117  may be the perfect blend for a residential home that invites excitement, energy and happiness, but may not quite set the proper tone for a business that wants to evoke trust and peace.

The hint of red usually signifies danger, such as the flashing red lights at our local train station or causes a person to take action-such as stop at a stop sign or when seeing the dreaded red lights on a police car.

It’s no coincidence that our favorite hamburger joints use the color red in their branding and logos! Whether you prefer Inn n Out, Burger King, or McDonalds to satisfy your hunger, realize all three hamburger franchises use the color red-which evokes hunger.

The Psychology of Color and Emotions

Studies have shown that emotions are affected by color. We mentioned red signifying danger and hunger, but it can also be associated with happiness (think Valentine’s Day hearts and flowers), passion, excitement, energy, (hearts pumping with excitement), and optimism.

Depending on the mood you want to convey, choosing the right color, shade, tone, or tint for your residential, commercial, or architectural project could be a make or break decision.

A brighter shade of a color will invite more excitable feelings whereas a duller shade of the same color could evoke a more calming effect.

For a list of colors and the moods they cause in people, refer to this article by Allison Gremillion, Colors and emotions: how colors make you feel.

Consider these Color Choices for a Business That Wants to Evoke Trust, Peace, Serenity

When your business aims to capture trust from your clients, a subtle shade of blue or green, such as Benjamin Moore Blue Danube 2062-30, Crystalline AF-485, Windmill Wings 2067-60, or Buxton Blue HC-149  might be the perfect choice.

Blue, the most favorite of all colors, stimulates the mind to feel peace, calm, and trust, which is why Facebook and Twitter use the colors in their branding. (Gremillion Colors and emotions: how colors make you feel).

Let Benjamin Moore Help You Visualize the Color for Your Residential, Commercial, or Architectural Project

If you are color stunted and can’t make up your mind when choosing the color you want for your residential, commercial, or architectural project, count on Benjamin Moore. They can lead you step-by-step to find the perfect color solution and combination for your needs.

Visit their website and click on color-overview to begin your journey to perfect color combinations. Simply choose your preferred color and follow the steps to visualize the color and the corresponding color palettes on the area of your home or building that you want to customize. It’s that simple!

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