Prefer a Minimalistic Vibe? Choose These Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

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A minimalistic vibe focuses on simplicity, elegance, and a “less is more” attitude. When you want to create a minimalistic feeling in a room, consider choosing Benjamin Moore Paint Colors that reflect these values.

Whether you’re a DIY, contractor, or designer, you can set the tone for a stark, minimalistic tone with as many or as few Benjamin Moore colors as you want.

Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors for Minimalism

From a designer perspective, the best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors for minimalism include Chantilly Lace 2121-70; White Dove OC-17; Edgecomb Gray HC-173; Windchime AF-465; Metropolitan AF-690; and Black Tar 2126-10.

Whether you choose to paint a room, an accent piece, trim, or combine the colors, these Benjamin Moore paint colors embrace tranquility, essentialism, and simplicity.

The Power of Color in Creating Minimalism with Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

White has always been associated with simplicity. Any backdrop against a white hue pops with color and vibrancy, adding a chic color distinction.

Neutrality can be fostered for a minimalistic purpose with natural materials and earthy hues. Benjamin Moore suggests taupes, greys, and other neutrals.

Dive deep into minimalism by saturating a focal point then offsetting it with minimalistic color and design. Feel the flow of energy shift with a cabinet painted with one of the tones from the Color Trends 2023 Palette and a ceiling painted in a brisk white. Choose different sheens for the walls and ceilings to create an even more dynamic space.

According to Hannah Yeo, Color & Design Expert, “The right paint color elevates the back-to-basics ethos of minimalism. While white is a go-to choice, there are plenty of other colors to consider for creating a timeless look that aptly reflects minimalist style.”

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