Santa Barbara Paint Depot Color Matches Everything. Yes, EVERYTHING, including the Kitchen Sink!


Before Santa Barbara Paint Depot had access to the The Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio App & ColorReader, brothers Art and Fernando Prado were asked to color match a variety of items.

There was no limit to the creative imagination of any of Santa Barbara’s customers who wanted nothing more than to match the paint color of a number of items. People brought in ties, diplomas, shirts, antiques, lamps, doors, a piano keyboard lid, greeting cards, fabrics, diving equipment, and more.

Of the more significant items brought in, Art and Fernando remember the item brought in a plastic bag by a man and a woman. Locked inside the plastic bag was a pair of women’s panties, a beautiful magenta color. Recognizing how unusual the item to be color matched appeared, the couple assured both Art and Fernando that the panties were brand new!

Color Matching Before and After the Benjamin Moore Color Matching App and ColorReader

Before the The Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio App & ColorReader, customers had to physically bring in the item they wanted to color match. Bringing in a tangible item was usually not a problem, except in the case of a gentleman who wanted to color match his kitchen sink.

He was not going to be deterred by the size or heaviness of the item. He physically brought the kitchen sink for Fernando to color match!

But today, Santa Barbara Paint Depot offers the The Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio App & ColorReader to take the guesswork out of matching the right color paint. Customers can download the app to their iphone or android phones FREE OF CHARGE and color match like a professional with the ColorReader, available for purchase for $60 plus tax at Santa Barbara Paint Depot.

What is the Significance of Color Matching at Santa Barbara Paint Depot?

For many people, a certain object brings some sort of emotional attachment to them, and they want to integrate that color in some other area of their home or office.

Art explains that his customers color match items that have deep significance to them, such as a diploma, a picture frame of a loved one, an antique, or a personal relic.

With this sentiment in mind, Art and Fernando took special care to color match the item, mixing the paint and allowing it to dry before sending the customer home with the color matched paint.

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