Second Mural at Montecito Village Salon & Blow Dry Bar

aly campos design

Our intern, Aly Campos, has been busy painting the town. Here is the second mural for Montecito Village Salon and Blow Dry Bar. This is the before image…above is the after image.

The time finally came when I was able to begin tying the salon together aesthetically.

I came in one Sunday afternoon and got right to work. I began to clean the wall and brought out the
Benjamin Moore paint that I had previously used in my first mural. I repainted the majority of the wall a gloss white. Then painted the portion of the wall under the trim matte black. I ordered this amazing gold interior design tape, off of Etsy, and began to place each piece accordingly. I would place a piece down, step back, take a look and see where I needed to place the next.

After 5 hours of painting and designing I came up with a scheme that is pleasing to the eye and fits in with the aesthetic of the salon.

This idea was a simple and beautiful way to spruce up the wall and bring some attention to it
without it looking too busy.

This is a trick that anyone can do in their own home! With the back wall done, the salon feels more cohesive and put together than before!