Sugar Taco Mural

Sugar Tacos

With a name like Sugar Taco, you’re already foaming at the mouth with the thought of excellent food. But when you read all about Sugar Taco and its motto to “Save the World One Taco at a Time,” you become a fan.

Sugar Taco is a plant-based company with locations in Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles. They take their mission to “Save the World One Taco at a Time” seriously. Deliberate decisions have been made regarding their menu, decor, and equipment to be mindful of the environment, animal welfare, and our health.

“Since opening in May 2019, we have saved over 100,000 square feet of forest/land that would have otherwise gone to animal feed crops; our menu items choices have saved over 4 million gallons of water, 74,000 pounds of C02 and thousands of animals’ lives!”Sugar Taco

So when the Sherman Oaks location needed a bit of sprucing up, they turned to Aly Campos, artist and Santa Barbara Paint Depot intern.

Sugar Taco Mural by Aly Campos

Sugar Taco Mural by Aly Campos

I recently got a fantastic opportunity to create a colorful floral mural on one of the main walls at
Sugar Taco in Sherman Oaks.

This place is a Vegan Mexican Restaurant co-owned by some amazing women. I had talked to one of the owners about creating a mural in their newest location before it opened up. But one day I received a message asking if I could create a mural on a wall in the Sherman Oaks location immediately!

Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and got to designing. The next day, I went by the Santa Barbara Paint Depot and went through the Benjamin Moore paint swatches to figure out what colors matched my vision the most.

I ended up with 6 different flat colors:
● Kiwi
● Pure Joy
● Fruity Cocktail
● Razzle Dazzle
● HarborSide
● Leprechaun

I took these colors along with my painting tools and spent almost 10 hours between two different
days creating this mural.

If you are ever in the Sherman Oaks area go checkout my mural at Sugar Taco!