Tips on Picking the Right Benjamin Moore Paint Color

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As a DIYer with an entire second half of house to paint, I’ve been looking at the Benjamin Moore paint chips I picked a year ago.

I can’t be unlike many of our beautiful Santa Barbara community, wondering how to pick the best Benjamin Moore paint, color, and sheen for the different rooms of my home.

I’m a single mother who uses her room for work, watching TV at night, solace after a long day, and to house my numerous pets.

I have a 14 year-old son who likes to decorate his room with posters and lights and plays video games in it.

My 17-year-old son wants a more mature looking room as he eases out of the nest to go to college.

Then we have a hallway overlooking the downstairs, a guest room, and a loft/office.

How does one pick the right Benjamin Moore paint without getting overwhelmed?

A DIYer Turns to Santa Barbara Paint Depot for Guidance

After spending many nights wondering what Benjamin Moore colors to paint the house and asking for opinions form others, I finally eased my mind and turned to Art and Fernando Prado, owners of Santa Barbara Paint Depot.

I wanted to share their advice, as I’m sure it pertains to many others as well.

Tips for a DIYer to Choosing the Right Benjamin Moore Paint

Straight from the paint professionals themselves-tips for a DIYer to choosing the right Benjamin Moore paint:

  • Find a real example of paint that you like such as in a picture, a neighbor’s house, an item, or something that creates a reaction from you and makes you think, “I like this.”
  • Next, ask yourself, “Why do I like this?” Concentrate on the whole item and decide if it’s the color or the other elements that go along with the image, picture, home, etc. that cause you to “like” this color.
  • If you find that you “like” this color because of the elements surrounding the color, realize you may not have the essentials (such as furniture or furnishings) to make this “image” complete in your mind and the color becomes secondary to why you first “liked” the image.
  • Define what your goal is with the color and the clarity of purpose. Is it a focal point, accent color, or do you want a neutral effect?
  • Once you have clarity, pick three colors you think you might like and paint draw boards. When the boards are dry, move them around the space and with each color ask yourself:

Is the color dark or light?

Do I like the color? If you answer, “No,” decide why you do not like the color: too much blue, red, green, etc.

How does the color make you feel? Focus on initial reactions as they are good indicators of subconscious affinity.

  • Avoid asking too many people their opinions and rely more on those of an experienced designer who is trained to incorporate your purpose in guiding your color choice.
  • Follow the specs in the TDS (technical data sheet) of the paints you choose. Temperature and humidity will affect how paints perform, and applying paints outside of the parameters of the TDS will cause unexpected and undesirable results such as poor drying, curing, and longer recoat window.

Choose Santa Barbara Paint Depot for Your DIY Paint Project

When you have chosen your color, call ahead to order your paint from Santa Barbara Paint Depot, and we can safely deliver it to your car. Make certain you have all of your supplies to get the project done without having to run to the store in mid-paint.

If you need a list of supplies, refer to our blog.

Then enjoy the fruits of your labor and take a picture so we can share your project on social media!