We are Not Home Depot, We are Santa Barbara Paint Depot

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We suppose some DIY, contractors, or professionals can get a bit confused between Home Depot and us, Santa Barbara Paint Depot, simply from the name, but as we see it from our perspective, there is no comparison.

Home Depot is a large warehouse of home improvement products from nails, hardware, lighting, pesticides, cleaning products, plants, seasonal goods, furniture, and paint. Their workers can be distinguished by their bright orange aprons with their names written in black permanent pen.

Customers at Home Depot wander aimlessly around aisles, looking up and down for just the right product to start, complete, or accentuate their DIY, Contractor, or Professional Project.

Make No Mistake, Santa Barbara Paint Depot Likes Orange Aprons, but Customers Know Us by Name

At Santa Barbara Paint Depot, our customers know us by name, and they come in asking for us. We have been in business since the earl 90’s, and our paint and accessory store has been locally owned and operated by the Prado family since its inception.

When our DIY, Contractors, or Professionals come into Santa Barbara Paint Depot, we treat them like family. Our personal relationships are very important to us, and we wouldn’t consider having our guests walk around aimlessly.

We save time, energy, expense and take the guess work out of finding what you need by providing one on one assistance. Let us help you pick the right paint, stain, paint sprayer, paint brushes, painting tape, or protective clothing and get you on your way.

Santa Barbara Paint Depot is No Ordinary Corporate Paint Store

When Art and Fernando Prado conceptualized a family-owned and operated paint store deep in the heart of where their family lay roots, they knew they wanted a personalized paint store.

“Our business model is completely separate from Home Depot,” shares Fernando. “I wanted a small paint business that could serve the community in my own neighborhood with personalized service, solid products we are proud to sell, and deep, long-standing relationships with our vendors, clients, and customers. After almost 30 years in business, this model works great!”

Santa Barbara Paint Depot is an Authorized Retailer of the Complete Line of Benjamin Moore Paints and Stains

Not just any store can sell the exclusive line of Benjamin Moore Paints and Stains. Last year, Santa Barbara Paint Depot was authorized to start selling Benjamin Moore paints and stains.

“We are proud to be affiliated with Benjamin Moore,” said Art Prado. “Their timelessness, quality, durability, selection, and reputation appeal to our clients and are a true testament to their product. Santa Barbara Paint Depot looks forward to a long relationship with Benjamin Moore and meeting the needs of our customers who prefer this product.”

Visit Santa Barbara Paint Depot and See Our Line of Benjamin Moore Paints and Stains

We are located at 526 Laguna Street, Santa Barbara and can be reached at (805) 899-2434. We are open M-F 7am-5pm and closed on weekends.

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