What Do Santa Barbara Paint Depot and Topper’s Pizza in Ventura Have in Common?

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Besides our love for pizza and beer, Santa Barbara Paint Depot is supplying Topper’s Pizza with Benjamin Moore’s Corotech products for their new, extra-large customer deck.

The popular Ventura brewery and pizza business is painting their structural steel with Benjamin Moore’s Corotech High Performance Coatings. The steel will be prepared and then primed with V160 Epoxy Mastic Coating tinted to Black. The product was chosen for its ability to adhere well to steel and protect against rust.

Following the V160 Epoxy Mastic Coating, the steel will have a topcoat of V500 Acrylic Aliphatic Urethane in Black to protect the steel and primer surface from UV degradation.

Santa Barbara Paint Depot Supplies Contractors with Benjamin Moore Products

Since 1991, Santa Barbara Paint Depot has been supplying our contractors with Benjamin Moore products and services. We know that contractors depend on us to supply them with the best products, knowledge, and experience to serve their customers and provide a competitive advantage over their competition.

Benjamin Moore is the leading supplier of Architectural coatings and the preferred choice of Santa Barbara Paint Depot’s contractors. No other product withstands the elements, beautifies the appearance of residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, and remains durable. 

Benjamin Moore Offers Best-in-Class Products for Contractors

Benjamin Moore’s chemists, chemical engineers, and staff are dedicated to researching and developing products that fall nothing short of best-in-class. Innovative techniques combined with care and concern for the environment, the community, and consumers result in products that reign supreme time after time.

When contractors apply Benjamin Moore’s Architectural coatings to their industrial and commercial buildings, they are stamping those buildings with a guarantee of the quality and commitment that represents Benjamin Moore.

Santa Barbara Paint Depot’s  partnership with Benjamin Moore is a win-win situation for our contractors, and we remain committed to this alliance for years to come.