White Elephant Gifts that are Sure to Make You a Winner at Your Holiday Party


It’s the holidays, and the White Elephant Gift exchange is a hot tradition at many holiday parties. What to bring as your party gift resonates with many party goers, with some opting for the “safe” bottle of wine or box of chocolates, while others going all out to be the talk of the party.

If you are invited to a White Elephant Gift exchange, we have found some hot ticket items that we would grab if given the chance.

From the funny to the useful to the purely ridiculous, here is

Santa Barbara Paint Depot’s Top Five White Elephant Gift Exchange Winners

For the Foodie in your group, you can’t go wrong with either of these food holders

For the Beer Lover who is still a kid at heart

For the Pool Lover in your group

For the person who has Everything

For Art and Fernando at Santa Barbara Paint Depot

It matches our front entrance!

May Your Holidays be Filled with Delight

Santa Barbara Paint Depot would like to wish all of our DIY, designers, contractors, friends, and family a fantastic holiday season.

For those serious about our White Elephant Gift Exchange ideas, you can find your gift here. Hurry, before supplies run out!