Benjamin Moore’s 3,500 Colors of the West Coast

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The new Benjamin Moore campaign, 3,500 Colors of the West Coast, takes a modern and endearing approach to illuminating the beauty of the West Coast while capturing the deep, rich colors of Benjamin Moore’s 3,500 unmatchable colors.

From the radiance of sun-drenched rays peeking through the tallest redwoods to the snow- capped mountains, dry, arid deserts, luscious green vines with grapes of all colors bursting with flavor, and crystal blue water with hues of green on white-capped waves, the West Coast boasts of vibrant colors.

What better way to showcase the beauty of color than with modern day social sharing by Benjamin Moore?

Bringing Benjamin Moore Colors to Life through Video

While Benjamin Moore could easily show you a color palette of paints that represent redwoods, mountains, or the Pacific Ocean, they created a visual reality that brings the brilliance of the West Coast to life through video.

One viewing of Benjamin Moore’s video, 3,500 Colors of the West Coast, will inspire any DIY, designer, or contractor to emulate the feeling and magic of the West Coast through color. Whether you paint a wall, a room, or an entire house in one of the many beautiful 3,500 colors of the West Coast, your design inspiration will bring you one step closer to a west coast vibe.

Share the West Coast Vibe through Social Media

Benjamin Moore is asking folks to share the colorful West Coast life through social media. Simply take a photo or use one you currently have of life in the West Coast, post it to your Instagram or Facebook pages, and include the hashtag #3500colors.

Make sure to set your account to public so your post and #3500colors can be found.

Benjamin Moore will choose some photos to display them on our landing page! Check often in case you see your photo!

Help Benjamin Moore bring the West Coast to life through social media! For examples of what to post and how to post with the #3500colors, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.