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Two DIY Enthusiasts Enjoy a New Bathroom, Master Bedroom, and Guest Bedroom Painted with Benjamin Moore Paints

When DIYers, Jeff and Nicki, decided to add a dog door to their master bathroom in their single story home, they had no idea this small project would end up in an entire bathroom remodel and a repainting of their master bedroom and guest room. “We just wanted to give our dogs the ability to…
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We are Not Home Depot, We are Santa Barbara Paint Depot

We suppose some DIY, contractors, or professionals can get a bit confused between Home Depot and us, Santa Barbara Paint Depot, simply from the name, but as we see it from our perspective, there is no comparison. Home Depot is a large warehouse of home improvement products from nails, hardware, lighting, pesticides, cleaning products, plants,…
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How to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Residential, Architectural, or Commercial Project

Choosing just the right color for any part of your home or business may not be such a simple task if you take into account what emotion the color that you choose evokes. A smashing red door painted with Benjamin Moore Vermillion 2002-10  and trimmed with Simply White OC-117  may be the perfect blend for…
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White Elephant Gifts that are Sure to Make You a Winner at Your Holiday Party

It’s the holidays, and the White Elephant Gift exchange is a hot tradition at many holiday parties. What to bring as your party gift resonates with many party goers, with some opting for the “safe” bottle of wine or box of chocolates, while others going all out to be the talk of the party. If…
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Have You Seen the New Benjamin Moore Paint Colors at Lululemon on State Street?

Any athletica person or those doing some early holiday shopping or window browsing may have noticed the new look at the lululemon Santa Barbara sportswear store at 740 State Street. Look past the yoga pants, jackets, sports tops and trendy, comfortable sports apparel and take notice of the new Benjamin Moore interior and exterior paint.…
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Thank You, Santa Barbara Paint Depot Clients! 🙏🏼

In September, we recognized our clients with a Client Appreciation Event sponsored by Benjamin Moore. Vendors from Mohawk, Titan, Norton, Corona, Honeywell, and more supplied our clients with demonstrations, products, promotions, and advice for their commercial and residential needs. We are always appreciative of our clients and for your support of Santa Barbara Paint Depot.…
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