Santa Barbara Paint Depot Welcome our Two Newest Additions


Santa Barbara Paint Depot would like to introduce our two newest family members, Astraea and Mila.

Astraea is a nine week old black lab puppy who is being mentored at Santa Barbara Paint Depot by her owner, Viviana, although she loves everyone! Astraea specializes in puppy kisses, welcoming all guests, napping, and following Viviana around. We are working on her ball skills and ability to sit, stay, and lie down on command.

Mila is a two-year-old rescue who got the attention of Art, Santa Barbara Paint Depot’s soft-hearted owner. Mila is a gorgeous mixed breed whose parents are the only ones who know her true identity; but underneath that black and tan fur is a whole lot of love, trust, gratitude and spirt. Some guess she is a lab/shep/rottie mix, but to us, she is family.

Mila’s specializes in belly rubs, snuggling with Art’s daughter, Amber, and napping on her many beds. The new kid on the block, Mila has some big shoes to fill around here, and we anticipate her upcoming review will be with nothing but high remarks.

Stop By and See Austraea and Mila at Santa Barbara Paint Depot

We hope you will come on by to see Austraea and Mila the next time you are in the area. We guarantee you will leave feeling just a bit more love and affection than you anticipated. Hurry in before Miss Austraea grows into the young adolescent we expect her to be! Kids these days just grow up way too fast!

Need Supplies? Santa Barbara Paint Depot Has What you Need!

When you come in for some puppy love, don’t pass up an opportunity to stock up on the supplies to spruce up your home, deck, fencing, siding, or more! Spring is here and that means summer is right around the corner!

Santa Barbara Paint Depot has what you need to get that house, yard and decking ready for a perfect summertime routine of lounging with some cold drinks!

Not sure what you need? Let our experts help! We look forward to seeing you soon!